Clear Skin

Acne Consultation & Initial Treatment

During your consultation and treatment appointment, we will complete a skin type, acne type, and hydration assessment. Additionally, we will recommend the products and services you need to clarify. Lastly, we will perform an acne exfoliating treatment service with extractions. 

This treatment will give your skin immediate results you can see right away.

Xubian Acne and Wellness Clinic Initial consultation
Acne Extraction Service


During the “Extractions” service, your skin will receive meticulous cleansing, followed by gently removing blackheads, pustules, and pimples. Our experts may apply thermal heat or a soothing mask, resulting in an enhanced texture and a more even skin tone.

Acne Product Adjustment

The “Acne Program Product Adjustment without Treatment” is a specialized offering designed to optimize your skincare regimen. Our experts will carefully assess your progress within the acne program, making tailored product adjustments to enhance your results further. This service solely focuses on refining your product selection to address your skin concerns better and accelerate your journey toward achieving a clear and radiant complexion.

Before and After images of acne program results

Acne Program

Our exclusive in-clinic treatment plan, combined with dedicated coaching, is tailored for clients seriously committed to effectively clearing and managing acne. Treatments are customized to address the unique severity of each individual’s skin concerns, targeting the root causes of acne and ensuring lasting results.