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Whether you are struggling with acne or clogged pores, or you just want more hydration and exfoliation to your skin, Your Skin Nurse has the right facial treatments for you. We individualize every treatment to best accommodate each patient, while providing a caring and comfortable environment. Book with Fayetteville’s leading skincare and wellness clinics.

Your Skin Nurse

Are you looking for a lasting, fast and effective way to remove or minimize the appearance of acne, scars, fine lines, wrinkles and other face, neck skin related concerns?

Facials are treatments for your face, neck, chest, and back to exfoliate, extract, cleanse, and rejuvenate the skin through our variety of facial treatments. We tailor each facial treatment to our patient to best address their skin needs and goals. Treat yourself with a relaxing and rejuvenating facial.

Your Skin Nurse understands acne and other facial skincare concerns can affect your confidence, so we put our experience to use in helping patients turn back time with a variety of facial treatments.

We only use industry-approved standards and products. All of our treatments are performed by qualified & certified practitioners only. We understand that our looks and appearances influence to a great extent how we feel and think about ourselves. We will get you one step closer to a revived and confident skin you can feel good in!

With over 10 years of experience in the skincare and wellness industry, we got your back. Start your confident skin journey with Your Skin Nurse!

Clean + Clear Student Facial is the perfect strategy to introduce tweens, teens and young adults to proper skin care. This treatment focuses on deep pore cleansing, extractions, and choice of high frequency or treatment masque. No Clean + Clear Facial is complete without clear education on daily home regimen practices as well as step-by-step instructions on how to apply products. Start now for a lifetime of clear, healthy skin!

Our Rejuv facials are developed to target your unique needs, whether you are suffering from acne, dryness, hyperpigmentation, or aging skin. This customized service includes a deep pore cleansing, a light exfoliating enzyme + extractions. Treatment includes high frequency to provide deeper product penetration of peptide mask and corrective serums. Rejuv facials will ramp up skin rejuvenation to another level.

Our top requested facial during summer months to address pigmentation and dry skin without any side effects. This facial leaves the skin feeling smooth, radiant and vibrantly glowing.

Receive soothing relief for moisture starved or oil deprived skin. When you moisturize and hydrate dry skin, it becomes plump, supple and balanced. This Hydrating Enzyme Treatment is a non-acid mask that contains highly effective combination Papaya Enzyme and soothing ingredients to adequately exfoliate skin while performing deep moisturization. It is appropriate for all skin types, especially dry, dehydrated, and sensitive skin. *Ideal for clients who cannot withstand a chemical peel.

LED Light Therapy helps to stimulate cell turnover, which in turn will minimize scarring, reduce hyperpigmentation, minimize pore size and improve skin texture over time. Blue light helps to kill bacteria and is used in Acne treatments. LED Light Therapy also reduces inflammation and stimulates wound healing and helps to calm irritated skin caused by Acne or Rosacea.

This Rejuvenating Back Facial is a whole treatment experience! The mask application delivers powerful skincare nutrients to your skin through electrolytes. Paired with our MicroDerm Exfoliator, this treatment will exfoliate dull, dry skin and also deliver extreme hydration.


17:24 10 Sep 22
Great service and awesome educational experience. She really takes the time to educate you on your skin and what types of products she offers to help get your skin in amazing shape. Great consistency and check ins and Nurse Washington has always been patient but is determined to get you and your skin in tip top shape. Overall it’s an amazing experience and just to walk in the clinic and feel the ambiance, Nurse Washington makes you feel comfortable and is truly devoted to helping you feel better about your skin walking out vs. the way you came in. I highly recommend Xubian Acne Clinic!
Angel FairclothAngel Faircloth
02:56 09 Sep 22
Her place is absolutely gorgeous and it smells very good lol. She is very thorough in her evaluation of your skin and gives you very helpful ways to help your own acne problems alongside her recommended products. Shes a great teacher and 100% recommend her !!!
erich howarderich howard
14:50 14 Aug 22
Been going here about a year now and have had great results. The products work great and Mrs. Washington is very professional and knowledgeable of the products and what can be done to help your skin. If your looking for solutions for your skin this is the place to go.
Melanie LivingstonMelanie Livingston
21:10 23 Jun 22
Long review warning. I have struggled with skin issues most of my adolescent and adult life so I don’t get excited when visiting new Dermatologists or skincare clinics anymore because I always leave with the same routines to follow and medicines I have been using for years. The end result is always the same…no noticeable results and money and time wasted. What was instantly different when I visited Xubian for the first time was 1, the atmosphere, and 2, Ms. Washington. Her clinic is relaxing and has a wellness vibe to it which makes it very inviting. Now Ms. Washington…she has changed the skincare game for me! She actually took the time, a lot of time, to go over every one of my concerns. She genuinely cares and she wants real results for her clients. My skin has not completely gotten to where I want it to be but there’s so much improvement in how it feels and looks. I know this is a long process and i’m here for the ride AND I wouldn’t want to be going through it with anyone else but Ms. Washington.
Mandy HallMandy Hall
20:38 23 Jun 22
Mrs. Washington was so thorough in her examination. She detailed everything and explained each exam finding. I didn’t feel rushed or confused. I was given clear advice on next steps and have since experienced the clearest skin of my life!

Our Promise:

Our mission is to make an impact in your life through our excellent and reliable skincare services. Our promise to you:

  • Award-winning, unrivaled excellence, trust, and expertise, at your service! We don’t compromise on our values and commitment to deliver confidence and help you embrace your skin. Our results are unrivaled.
  • Outstanding approach to client care for over 10 years. We’ve consistently delivered excellence, unarguable results, and customized client care, that’s always right for our clients. If you have a concern, you can trust us to solve it.
  • Standards you can trust. Our industry safety and training protocols and adherence to industry standards mean you can trust that your safety and care is our priority.
  • We are Fayetteville, NC’s skincare clinic.  We help our clients, improve their self-confidence for the better – with life-changing results.

Facials are treatments for your face, neck, chest, and back to exfoliate, extract, cleanse, and rejuvenate the skin through our variety of facial treatments. We tailor each facial treatment to our patient to best address their skin needs and goals. Treat yourself with a relaxing and rejuvenating facial.

In general, candidates for facial treatments include people of all ages, genders, skin types, and skin tones. Most people are candidates for these treatments because each treatment is customizable to meet unique skin needs.

People who consider professional facial treatments are generally those who are not satisfied by the results of their at-home skincare routine. Some of the best candidates for facial treatments include people who have concerns such as: acne, hyperpigmentation, aging and scarring etc.

The frequency of your facial treatment will depend on the specific facial you are getting. For example, most of our facials are gentle enough to be used every four to six weeks, but advanced facial treatments may only need to be used every eight to 12 weeks. We can help you build a treatment timeline that is most appropriate for your skin type and tone.

Maintaining the results of your facial comes down to having good skin care habits. For example, If you want to protect your results, you should use sunscreen every day to prevent future sun damage. Maintaining your results also means adopting healthier lifestyle practices that will fortify the health of your skin, such as drinking enough water and eating a balanced diet.

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